1. 1

    निर्वृत्ते तु क्रतौ तस्मिन् हयमेधे महात्मनः | प्रतिगृह्य सुरा भागान् प्रतिजग्मुर्यथागतम् || १-१८-१

    Completed by the magnanimous king (Dasaratha) The aswamedha and putreshti sacrifices, the devatas received their share of havis and returned to their respective abodes. [1-18-1]

  2. 2

    समाप्तदीक्षानियमः पत्नीगणसमन्वितः | प्रविवेश पुरीं राजा सभृत्यबलवाहनः || १-१८-२

    Having completed the prescribed vows (in respect of aswamedha), king Dasaratha together with his queens returned to the city of Ayodhya accompanied by his attendants, army and chariots. [1-18-2]

  3. 3

    यथार्हं पूजितास्तेन राज्ञा च पृथिवीश्वराः | मुदिताः प्रययुर्देशान् प्रणम्य मुनिपुंगवम् || १-१८-३

    Having been honoured by the king (Dasaratha) in a be fitting manner, the highly pleased lords of the earth (kings) made obeisance to the best of sages (Vasishta) and returned to their own countries. [1-18-3]

  4. 4

    श्रीमतां गच्छतां तेषां स्वगृहाणि पुरात्ततः | बलानि राज्ञां शुभ्राणि प्रहृष्टानि चकाशिरे || १-१८-४

    When the army of the kings left the city (Ayodhya) for their own, the armed forces shone bright and cheerful. [1-18-4]

  5. 5

    गतेषु पृथिवीशेषु राजा दशरथस्तदा | प्रविवेश पुरीं श्रीमान् पुरस्कृत्य द्विजोत्तमान् || १-१८-५

    After the departure of the rulers, the exalted king Dasaratha preceded by the foremost of brahmins entered the city (of Ayodhya). [1-18-5]