1. 16

    सरयव्याश्चोत्तरे तीरे यज्ञभूमिर्विधीयताम् | शांतयश्चाभिवर्धन्तां यथाकल्पं यथाविधि || १-१२-१६

    Let a sacrificial pavillion be constructed on the northern bank of Sarayu according to prescribed methods ordained in the 'kalpa' and other scriptures for the uninterrupted completion of the sacrifice. [1-12-16]

  2. 17

    शक्यः कर्तुमयं यज्ञः सर्वेणापि महीक्षिता | नापराधो भवेत्कष्टो यद्यस्मिन् क्रतुसत्तमे || १-१२-१७

    If in this best of sacrifices aswamedha, obstructions and omissions do not occur it will be possible for the king to get the results. [1-12-17]

  3. 18

    छिद्रं हि मृगयन्तेऽत्र विद्वांसो ब्रह्मराक्षसाः | विघ्नितस्य हि यज्ञस्य सद्यः कर्ता विनश्यति || १-१२-१८

    The Brahma-demons will be hunting for the faults performed in the rituals whereat they can inteject themselves in to the proceedings of the ritual in order to ruin it... further, the performer of the ritual also gets ruined. [1-12-18]

  4. 19

    तद्यथा विधिपूर्वं मे क्रतुरेष समाप्यते | तथा विधानं क्रियतां समर्थाः करणेष्विह || १-१२-१९

    - that is why this ritual shall be conducted faultlessly till its conclusion, and with absolute adherence to the scriptures... since all of you assembled here are efficient ones in conducting such rituals without faults, I hope you all will organise carefully. [1-12-19]

  5. 20

    तथेति च ततः सर्वे मंत्रिणः प्रत्यपूजयन् | पार्थिवेन्द्रस्य तद्वाक्यं यथाज्ञप्तमकुर्वत || १-१२-२०

    In appreciation of his orders all the ministers replied the king saying "it will be done accordingly..." and indeed they have faultlessly carried out works as ordered. [1-12-20]