1. 91

    न पुत्रमरणं किंचिद्द्रक्ष्यन्ति पुरुषाः क्वचित् | नार्यश्चाविधवा नित्यं भविष्यन्ति पतिव्रताः || १-१-९१

    During the period of Rama's rule, no where would men witness the death of their sons or women widowed. They would ever remain chaste and devoted to their husbands. [1-1-91]

  2. 92

    न चाग्निजं भयं किञ्चिन्नाप्सु मज्जन्ति जन्तवः | न वातजं भयं किञ्चिन्नापि ज्वरकृतं तथा || १-१-९२

    There was no fear for his subjects from wildfires, gale-storms or from diseases, nor the cattle will be drowned in floodwaters as well and- [1-1-92]

  3. 93

    न चापि क्षुद्भयं तत्र न तस्करभयं तथा | नगराणि च राष्ट्राणि धनधान्ययुतानि च || १-१-९३

    - there will be no fear from hunger or thieves in the kingdom of Rama. Cities and states as well will be replete with wealth and grains likewise. [1-1-93]

  4. 94

    नित्यं प्रमुदिताः सर्वे यथा कृतयुगे तथा | अश्वमेधशतैरिष्ट्वा तथा बहुसुवर्णकैः || १-१-९४

    People lived happily as though they lived in Kritayuga. Like-wise the highly illustrious Rama having performed hundreds of aswamedhas yagya and having donated plentiful gold- [1-1-94]

  5. 95

    गवां कोट्ययुतं दत्त्वा विद्वद्भ्यो विधिपूर्वकम् | | असंख्येयं धनं दत्त्वा ब्राह्मणेभ्यो महायशाः || १-१-९५

    and crores of cows and wealth that cannot be counted, to Brahmanas and to scholars according to custom... [1-1-95]