1. 16

    सर्वदाभिगतः सद्भिः समुद्र इव सिन्धुभिः | आर्यः सर्वसमश्चैव सदैव प्रियदर्शनः || १-१-१६

    Sri Rama, like sea to rivers, is accessible to men of virtue and has equal disposition towards all. He always has a pleasing appearance. [1-1-16]

  2. 17

    स च सर्वगुणोपेतः कौसल्यानन्दवर्धनः | समुद्र इव गाम्भीर्ये धैर्येण हिमवानिव || १-१-१७

    He who, bestowed with all virtues, enhanced the joys of his mother Kaushalya, He is like the sea in deportment and like Himavant in fortitude. [1-1-17]

  3. 18

    विष्णुना सदृशो वीर्ये सोमवत्प्रियदर्शनः | कालाग्निसदृशः क्रोधे क्षमया पृथिवीसमः || १-१-१८

    In valour Rama is comparable to Vishnu, and in his looks he is attractive like the moon, he equals the earth in his forgiveness, but he is matchable to world ending fire in his wrath. [1-1-18]

  4. 19

    धनदेन समस्त्यागे सत्ये धर्म इवापरः | तमेवं गुणसम्पन्नं रामं सत्यपराक्रमम् || १-१-१९

    and in benevolence he is identical to Kubera, God of Wealth, and in his candour he is like Dharma itself, the Truth personified, with none to rival him and who possessed such merits with true valour, together with best of qualities. [1-1-19]

  5. 20

    ज्येष्ठं श्रेष्ठगुणैर्युक्तं प्रियं दशरथस्सुतम् | प्रकृतीनां हितैर्युक्तं प्रकृतिप्रियकाम्यया || १-१-२०

    Lord of the land King Dasaratha with an intent for doing good to the people, wanted to that Shri Rama, the eldest and a dear son to Dasharatha, who is concerned for welfare of the people. [1-1-20]