1. 31

    यः संसदि प्रकृतिभिर्भवेद्युक्त उपासितुम् | वन्यैर्मृगैरुपासीनः सोऽयमास्ते ममाग्रजः || २-९९-३१

    - My elder brother who deserves to be attended by ministers and other subjects in the royal assembly sits here today in the forest surrounded by wild beasts. [2-99-31]

  2. 32

    वासोभिर्बहुसाहस्रैर्यो महात्मा पुरोचितः | मृगाजिने सोऽयमिह प्रवस्ते धर्ममाचरन् || २-९९-३२

    Such magnanimous Rama, a follower of dharma, accustomed to be attired in thousands of dresses in the past now clad in two deer skins, is practising righteousness. [2-99-32]

  3. 33

    अधारयद्यो विविधाः चित्राः सुमनसः तदा | सोऽयं जटाभारमिमं वहते राघवः कथम् || २-९९-३३

    How is it that Rama who used to wear variegated flowers formerly, now bears these heavy matted locks? [2-99-33]

  4. 34

    यस्य यज्ञैर्यथादिष्टैर्युक्तो धर्मस्य सञ्चयः | शरीरक्लेशसम्भूतं स धर्मं परिमार्गते || २-९९-३४

    That Rama, who in accordance with tradition deserves accreditation of religious merit through sacrifices now seeks it through mortification of body. [2-99-34]

  5. 35

    चन्दनेन महार्हेण यस्याङ्गमुपसेवितम् | मलेन तस्याङ्गमिदं कथमार्यस्य सेव्यते || २-९९-३५

    How is it that the body of my venerable brother which was once smeared with expensive, fragrant sandal paste is now covered with dust? [2-99-35]