1. 71

    पात्रीणां च सहस्राणि स्थालीनां नियुतानि च | न्यर्बुधानि च पात्राणि शातकुम्भमयानि च || २-९१-७१

    There were thousands of pots, lakhs of plates, crores of vessels - all made of gold. [2-91-71]

  2. 72

    स्थाल्यः कुम्भ्य करम्भ्य श्च दधिपूर्णास्सुसंस्कृताः | यौवनस्थस्य गौरस्य कपित्थस्य सुगन्धिनः || २-९१-७२

    Curd was kept in well cleansed earthen pots like jugs and jars and pots with a wide mouth. Some filled with white curd of good flavour and of the colour of woodapple. [2-91-72]

  3. 73

    ह्रदाः पूर्णा रसालस्य दध्नः श्वेतस्य चापरे | बभूवुः पायसस्यान्ये शर्करायावसञ्चयाः || २-९१-७३

    Tanks were formed, some filled with white curd blended with spices and some with payasam and heaps of barely powder mixed with sugar. [2-91-73]

  4. 74

    कल्कान्चूर्णकषायांश्च स्नानानि विविधानि च | ददृशुर्भाजनस्थानि तीर्थेषु सरितां नराः || २-९१-७४

    The soldiers saw on the river banks at landing places levigated powder, fragrant powder and extracts and other bathing requisites of different kinds stored in receptacles. [2-91-74]

  5. 75

    शुक्लानंशुमतश्चापि दन्तधावनसञ्चयान् | शुक्लांश्चन्दनकल्कांश्च समुद्गेष्ववतिष्ठतः || २-९१-७५

    There they ( soldiers ) beheld on every side stacks of toothbrushing sticks, white and bristled, white lumps of sandal paste placed in dishes made of leaves,..... - [2-91-75]