1. 11

    अचिरेणैव कालेन परिवाहान्बहूदकान् | चक्रुर्बहुविधाकारान् सागरप्रतिमान्बहून् || २-८०-११

    In a short time they constructed many water reservoirs of different shapes capable of holding large volumes of water like the sea. [2-80-11]

  2. 12

    निर्जलेषु च देशेषु खानयामासुरुत्तमान् | उदपानान्बहुविधान्वेदिकापरिमण्डितान् || २-८०-१२

    In arid places, various good drinking-water wells surrounded by dykes were dug. [2-80-12]

  3. 13

    ससुधाकुट्टिमतलः प्रपुष्पितमहीरुहः | मत्तोद्घुष्ट द्विजगणः पताकाभिरलङ्कृतः || २-८०-१३

    The highway for the army was paved smooth, with its surface decorated with mosaic. It was lined with blossoming trees with flocks of birds intoxicated with singing. It was decked with banners..... - [2-80-13]

  4. 14

    चन्दनोदकसंसिक्तो नानाकुसुमभूषितः | बह्वशोभत सेनायाः पन्थास्सुरपथोपमः || २-८०-१४

    - and sprinkled with sandal water and a strewn with flowers of every kind. Like the path of gods, the highway shone with brilliance. [2-80-14]

  5. 15

    आज्ञाप्याथ यथाऽज्ञप्ति युक्तास्तेऽधिकृता नराः | रमणीयेषु देशेषु बहुस्वादुफलेषु च || २-८०-१५

    Those authorised ordered the artisans to perform their respective tasks. Thereafter, they selected lovely tracts of land filled with trees bearing varieties of sweet fruits..... - [2-80-15]