1. 21

    क्रौञ्चीनामिव नारीणां निनादस्तत्र शुश्रुवे | आर्तानां करुणं काले क्रोशन्तीनां सहस्रशः || २-७६-२१

    At that time, piteous cries of distressed women in their thousands like the piercing cries of female kraunchas (birds) were heard. [2-76-21]

  2. 22

    ततो रुदन्त्यो विवशाविलप्य च पुनः पुनः | यानेभ्यस्सरयूतीरमवतेरुर्वराङ्गनाः || २-७६-२२

    Thereafter, the courtesans weeping uncontrollably and, lamenting again and again, alighted from carriages on the bank of the river Sarayu. [2-76-22]

  3. 23

    कृत्वोदकं ते भरतेन सार्धं नृपाङ्गना मन्त्रिपुरोहिता श्च | पुरंप्रविश्याश्रुपरीतनेत्राः भूमौ दशाहं व्यनयन्त दुःखम् || २-७६-२३

    The wives of the king, counsellors and priests along with Bharata offered water libation and entered the city with tearful eyes. They spent the ten day mourning period sleeping on the ground (floor) in great grief. [2-76-23]