1. 51

    तमपश्यन्प्रियंपुत्रं महीपालो महायशाः | पुत्रशोकपरिद्यूनः पञ्चत्वमुपपेदिवान् || २-७२-५१

    The renowned ruler of the earth (king Dasaratha), unable to behold (the sorry state of) his beloved son and stricken by filial grief, merged into the five elements ( died ). [2-72-51]

  2. 52

    त्वयात्विदानीं धर्मज्ञ राजत्वमवलम्ब्यताम् | त्वत्कृते हि मया सर्वमिदमेवं विधं कृतम् || २-७२-५२

    Oh ! knower of dharma, assume kingship now. It is only for your sake that all this has been done by me. [2-72-52]

  3. 53

    मा शोकं मा च सन्तापं धैर्यमाश्रय पुत्रक | त्वदधीना हि नगरी राज्यं चैतदनामयम् || २-७२-५३

    My son, give up sorrow and agony and take recourse to courage. This city as well as the kingdom, free from all obstacles, is under your control. [2-72-53]

  4. 54

    तत्पुत्र शीघ्रं विधिना विधिज्ञैर्वसिष्ठमुख्यै स्सहितो द्विजेन्द्रैः | सङ्काल्य राजानमदीनसत्त्वमात्मानमुर्व्यामभिषेचयस्व || २-७२-५४

    Therefore, my son, under the guidance of Vasistha and other noble brahmins, wellversed in rituals, quickly perform the funeral obsequies in accordance with tradition and without getting depressed in spirit, get yourself coronated as lord of this earth. [2-72-54]