1. 1

    भरते ब्रुवति स्वप्नं दूतास्ते क्लान्तवाहनाः | प्रविश्यासह्यपरिखं रम्यं राजगृहं पुरम् || २-७०-१

    While Bharata was relating his dream, the mounted messengers (from Ayodhya) with their weary horses entered the lovely city of Rajagriha surrounded by an impassable moat. [2-70-1]

  2. 2

    समागम्य तु राज्ञा च राजपुत्रेण चार्चिताः | राज्ञः पादौ गृहीत्वा तु तमूचुर्भरतं वचः || २-७०-२

    There they met the king of Kekaya country and his son, Yuddhajit and were received with honour. Touching the feet of the king with reverence, they said to Bharata : - [2-70-2]

  3. 3

    पुरोहितस्त्वां कुशलं प्राह सर्वे च मन्त्रिणः | त्वरमाणश्च निर्याहि कृत्यमात्ययिकं त्वया || २-७०-३

    - 'The family priest (Vasistha) and all the counsellors have enquired about your welfare. You must return immediately. There is an urgent matter to be attended by you. [2-70-3]

  4. 4

    इमानि च महार्हाणि वस्त्राण्याभरणानि च | प्रतिगृह्य विशालक्ष मातुलस्य च दापय || २-७०-४

    Oh ! large-eyed one (Bharata) you are asked to take these excellent raiments and precious ornaments and bestow them on your maternal uncle (said the messengers). [2-70-4]

  5. 5

    अत्र विशंतिकोट्यस्तु नृपतेर्मातुलस्य ते | दशकोट्यस्तु सम्पूर्णास्तथैव च नृपात्मज || २-७०-५

    Oh ! prince these gifts worth twenty crore are intended for the king and the rest of the gifts worth ten crore for your maternal uncle.' [2-70-5]