1. 21

    न शोच्यास्ते न चात्मनश्शोच्यो नापि जनाधिपः | इदं हि चरितं लोके प्रतिष्ठास्यति शाश्वतम् || २-६०-२१

    You need not lament for them or for yourself or for the king. This story of Rama will endure permanently in the world. [2-60-21]

  2. 22

    विधूय शोकं परिहृष्टमानसा महर्षियाते पथि सुव्यवत्स्थिताः | वनेरता वन्यफलाशनाः पितुः शुभां प्रतिज्ञां परिपालयन्ति ते || २-६०-२२

    They are upholding the sacred promise of their father with cheerful hearts, grief given the goby, steadfastly pursuing the path established by maharsis, subsisting on forest fruits and enjoying the forest life.' [2-60-22]

  3. 23

    तथापि सूतेन सुयुक्तवादिना निवार्यमाणा सुतशोककर्शिता | न चैव देवी विरराम कूजितात्प्रियेति पुत्रेति च राघवेति च || २-६०-२३

    Though Sumantra was speaking with befitting words to prevent Kausalya from weeping over her son which had enfeebled her, she did not stop crying, 'Oh ! my beloved', 'Oh ! my son', 'Oh ! Rama'. [2-60-23]