1. 86

    त्वं हि त्रिपथगा देवि ब्रह्मलोकं समीक्षसे | भार्या चोदधिराजस्य लोकेऽस्मिन् सम्प्रदृश्यसे || २-५२-८६

    Oh ! Devi, you are Tripathaga, flowing in three directions (worlds). You behold the region of Brahma and happen to be the spouse of the king of the ocean in this world (of mortals). [2-52-86]

  2. 87

    सा त्वां देवि नमस्यामि प्रशंसामि च शोभने | प्राप्तराज्ये नरव्याघ्रे शिवेन पुनरागते || २-५२-८७

    Oh ! Devi, Oh ! lovely ( Ganga ), I offer you my obeisance and my adorations. After the safe return of Rama, the tiger (best) among men, from the forest and after he regains the kingdom..... - [2-52-87]

  3. 88

    गवां शतसहस्राणि वस्त्राण्यन्नं च पेशलम् | ब्राह्मणेभ्यः प्रदास्यामि तव प्रियचिकीर्षया || २-५२-८८

    - I shall give a hundred thousand cows, clothing and delicious food to brahmins as a mark of regard, which will please you. [2-52-88]

  4. 89

    सुराघटसहस्रेण मांसभूतौदनेन च | यक्ष्ये त्वां प्रयता देवि पुरीं पुनरुपागता || २-५२-८९

    Oh ! Devi after my return to Ayodhya purified by my austerities, I shall worship you by offering a thousand pots of nectar and jellied meat with cooked rice. [2-52-89]

  5. 90

    यानि त्वत्तीरवासीनि दैवतानि च सन्ति हि | तानि सर्वाणि यक्ष्यामि तीर्थान्यायतनानि च || २-५२-९०

    I shall worship all those deities inhabiting your banks and all sacred spots and temples. [2-52-90]