1. 61

    नगरीं त्वां गतं दृष्ट्वा जननी मे यवीयसी | कैकेयी प्रत्ययं गच्छेदिति रामो वनं गतः || २-५२-६१

    When my younger mother Kaikeyi sees that you have returned to Ayodhya, she will believe that Rama has really gone to the forest. [2-52-61]

  2. 62

    परितुष्टा हि सा देवी वनवासं गते मयि। राजानं नातिशङ्केत मिथ्यावादीति धार्मिकम् || २-५२-६२

    If queen Kaikeyi is fully satisfied that I have gone to dwell in the forest, she will no longer have any doubt and will believe that righteous king Dasaratha is not a liar. [2-52-62]

  3. 63

    एष मे प्रथमः कल्पो यदम्बा मे यवीयसी | भरतारक्षितं स्फीतं पुत्रराज्यमवाप्नुयात् || २-५२-६३

    My prime resolve is that my younger mother should enjoy this prosperous and vast kingdom ruled by her son Bharata. [2-52-63]

  4. 64

    मम प्रियार्थं राज्ञश्च सरथस्त्वं पुरीं व्रज | सन्दिष्टश्चासि यानर्थांस्तां स्तान् ब्रूयास्तथा तथा || २-५२-६४

    Sumantra, return to the city with the chariot for my pleasure and also for the pleasure of the king and convey to each of the persons concerned the message exactly as instructed.' [2-52-64]

  5. 65

    इत्युक्त्वा वचनं सूतं सान्त्वयित्वा पुनः पुनः | गुहं वचनमक्लीबो रामो हेतुमदब्रवीत् || २-५२-६५

    Having spoken to the charioteer and consoling him again and again, indefatigable Rama spoke to Guha words full of reasoning : - [2-52-65]