1. 16

    नात्यर्थमभिकाङ्क्षामि मृगयां सरयूवने | रतिर्ह्येषातुला लोके राजर्षिगणसम्मता || २-४९-१६

    In this world, hunting is a unique pleasure. It is regarded as a delightful sport for royal sages. But I do not have a great longing for hunting in the forest on the bank of river Sarayu. [2-49-16]

  2. 17

    राजर्षीणां हि लोकेऽस्मिन् रत्यर्थं मृगया वने | काले कृतां तां मनुजैर्घन्विनामभिकाङ्क्षिताम् || २-४९-१७

    In this world, hunting in the woods is a pleasure for royal sages and is greatly sought after by bowmen. This was later resorted to by others.' [2-49-17]

  3. 18

    स तमध्वानमैक्ष्वाकस्सूतं मधुरया गिरा | तं तमर्थमभिप्रेत्य ययौ वाक्यमुदीरयन् || २-४९-१८

    The descendant of Ikshvaku related to the charioteer in a sweet voice the thoughts that came to him and went on the way (continued his journey). [2-49-18]