1. 6

    पितरं चानुशोचामि मातरं च यशस्विनीम् | अपि वान्धौ भवेतां तु रुदन्तौ तावभीक्ष्णशः || २-४६-६

    What distresses me is the thought that both father and illustrious mother may become blind by repeated weeping (over us). [2-46-6]

  2. 7

    भरतः खलु धर्मात्मा पितरं मातरं च मे | धर्मार्थकामसहितैर्वाक्यैर्वाश्वासयिष्यति ||२-४६-७

    Righteous Bharata will indeed console parents with words in conformity with dharma, artha and kama. [2-46-7]

  3. 8

    भरतस्यानृशंसत्वं विचिन्त्याहं पुनः पुनः | नानुशोचामि पितरं मातरं चापि लक्ष्मण || २-४६-८

    As I reflect again and again on the benevolent nature of Bharata, there is no concern in me about my parents, Oh ! Lakshmana. [2-46-8]

  4. 9

    त्वया कार्यं नरव्याघ्र मामनुव्रजता कृतम् | अन्वेष्टव्या हि वैदेह्या रक्षणार्थे सहायता || २-४६-९

    You, Oh ! Lakshmana, the best among men, have done a good job by accompanying me. Otherwise assistance for Sita's protection would have been sought (necessary). [2-46-9]

  5. 10

    अद्भिरेव तु सौमित्रे वत्स्याम्यद्य निशामिमाम् | एतध्दि रोचते मह्यं वन्येऽपि विविधे सति || २-४६-१०

    Oh ! Lakshmana, I shall live this night on water alone. I prefer it, though various kinds of forest products are available.' [2-46-10]