1. 26

    न पुनर्निश्चयः कार्यस्त्वद्गतौ सुकृता मतिः | त्वयि धर्मव्यपेक्षे तु किं स्याद्धर्मपथे स्थितम् || २-४५-२६

    We are not going to revoke our decision. We have made up our minds to follow you (into the forest). If you have no regard for this decision, then who will adhere to the path of righteousness? [2-45-26]

  2. 27

    याचितो नो निवर्तस्व हंसशुक्लशिरोरुहैः | शिरोभिर्निभृताचार महीपतनपांसुलैः || २-४५-२७

    Oh ! Rama, you are firm in your duty. We beseech you, with our heads having swan like white hair, bowed and soiled with dust, to return to Ayodhya. [2-45-27]

  3. 28

    बहूनां वितता यज्ञा द्विजानां य इहागताः | तेषां समाप्तिरायत्ता तव वत्स निवर्तने || २-४५-२८

    Many of those brahmins who arrived here have commenced their sacrifices. Oh ! dear child, their consummation depends on your return. [2-45-28]

  4. 29

    भक्तिमन्ति हि भूतानि जङ्गमाजङ्गमानि च | याचमानेषु राम त्वं भक्तिं भक्तेषु दर्शय || २-४५-२९

    Oh ! Rama, all these living beings, movable and immovable, are devoted to you and are entreating you with devotion to return. Show consideration to those supplicants. [2-45-29]

  5. 30

    अनुगन्तुमशक्ता स्त्वां मूलैरुद्धतवेगिनः | उन्नता वायुवेगेन विक्रोशन्तीव पादपाः || २-४५-३०

    Although the trees uplifted by the speed of the wind, intend to follow you, their movement is stalled by their roots. Unable, they appear to be weeping. [2-45-30]