1. 11

    प्रतिज्ञातं मया तावत् त्वयोक्तं देवि शृण्वता | रामं यदभिषेकाय त्वमिहागतमब्रवीः || २-३८-११

    I have heard you, Oh ! Devi speaking to Rama when he came here in connection with the coronation. I promised you to that extent only. [2-38-11]

  2. 12

    तत्त्वेतत्समतिक्रम्य निरयं गन्तुमिच्छसि | मैथिलीमपि या हि त्वमीक्षसे चीरवासिनीम् || २-३८-१२

    Having exceeded all that, you want to behold Maithili ( Sita ) in bark garment and thereby, wish for hell. [2-38-12]

  3. 13

    इतीव राजा विलपन्महात्मा शोकस्य नान्तं स ददर्श किञ्चित् | भृशातुरत्वाच्च पपात भूमौ तेनैव पुत्रव्यसनेन मग्नः || २-३८-१३

    The king could not see any end to his lamentation. Immersed in the grief of separation from his son and deeply tormented, he fell down on the ground. [2-38-13]

  4. 14

    एवं ब्रुवन्तं पितरं रामस्सम्प्रस्थितो वनम् | अवाक्छिरसमासीनमिदं वचनमब्रवीत् || २-३८-१४

    Rama who was about to leave for the forest addressed his father who sat with his head bent once again : - [2-38-14]

  5. 15

    यं धार्मिक कौशल्या मम माता यशस्विनी | वृद्धा चाक्षुद्रशीला च न च त्वां देव गर्हते || २-३८-१५

    Oh ! righteous father, Oh ! deva ( king ), my aged and illustrious mother, Kausalya possesses neither a mean character nor does she blame you. [2-38-15]