1. 31

    न हि मिथ्या प्रतिज्ञातं करिष्यति तवानघः | श्रीमान्दशरथो राजा देवि राजीवलोचनः || २-३५-३१

    The lotuseyed, sinless and prosperous king Dasaratha, Oh ! Devi will not render false the promise given you (he will fulfil it in another form). [2-35-31]

  2. 32

    ज्येष्ठो वदान्यः कर्मण्यः स्वधर्मपरिरक्षिता | रक्षिता जीवलोकस्य बली रामोऽभिषिच्यताम् || २-३५-३२

    Let his eldest son Rama, valiant, generous, skilful, dutiful and protector of this world, be consecrated. [2-35-32]

  3. 33

    परिवादो हि ते देवि महाल्लोके चरिष्यति | यदि रामो वनं याति विहाय पितरं नृपम् || २-३५-३३

    Oh ! Devi, if Rama goes to the forest leaving his father, the king, you will be squarely blamed by the people of the world. [2-35-33]

  4. 34

    स राज्यं राघवः पातु भव त्वं विगतज्वरा | न हि ते राघवादन्यः क्षमः पुरवरे वसेत् || २-३५-३४

    Therefore, let Rama potect this kingdom. Be relieved of mental afflictions. There is no other person in this excellent city more competent than Rama to rule this kingdom. [2-35-34]

  5. 35

    रामे हि यौवराज्यस्थे राजा दशरथो वनम् | प्रवेक्ष्यति महेष्वासः पूर्ववृत्तमनुस्मरन् || २-३५-३५

    If Rama is installed as heir apparent, king Dasaratha, the great archer will retire to the forest for carrying out austerities following ancient customs.' [2-35-35]