1. 51

    मा चोत्कण्ठां कृथा देव वने रंस्यामहे वयम् | प्रशान्तहरिणाकीर्णे नानाशकुनिनादिते || २-३४-५१

    Do not worry, Oh ! Lord We will enjoy (our stay in) the peaceful forest full of deer and resounding with the chirping of various birds. [2-34-51]

  2. 52

    पिता हि दैवतं तात देवतानामपि स्मृतम् | तस्माद्दैवतमित्येव करिष्यामि पितुर्वचः || २-३४-५२

    Father is divine even for the gods as cited in scriptures, therefore, looking upon father as my god, I will carry out his words, Oh ! father. [2-34-52]

  3. 53

    चतुर्दशसु वर्षेषु गतेषु नरसत्तम | पुनर्द्रक्ष्यसि मां प्राप्तं सन्तापोऽयं विमुच्यताम् || २-३४-५३

    I shall return after fourteen years have passed, Oh ! best among men you will see me back, Give up this grief. [2-34-53]

  4. 54

    येन संस्तम्भनीयोऽयं सर्वो बाष्पगलो जनः | स त्वं पुरुषशार्दूल किमर्थं विक्रियां गतः || २-३४-५४

    When you, Oh ! tiger among men, are required (as king) to pacify those whose throats are choked with tears, why this change in you? [2-34-54]

  5. 55

    पुरं च राष्ट्रं च मही च केवला मया निसृष्टा भरताय दीयताम् | अहं निदेशं भवतोऽनुपालयन् वनं गमिष्यामि चिराय सेवितुम् || २-३४-५५

    I am renouncing this city, kingdom and this entire earth, and let all this be conferred on Bharata. In obedience to your order, I shall go and live in the forest for a long time. [2-34-55]