1. 36

    न चैतन्मे प्रियं पुत्र शपे सत्येन राघव | छन्नया चलितस्त्वस्मि स्त्रिया छन्नाग्निकल्पया || २-३४-३६

    I swear by truth, Oh ! my beloved son, that your departure to the forest is in no way a pleasure to me. With a hidden motive, this woman who is like fire concealed by ashes has duped me. [2-34-36]

  2. 37

    वञ्चना या तु लब्धा मे तां त्वं निस्तर्तुमिच्छसि | अनया वृत्तसादिन्या कैकेय्याऽभिप्रचोदितः || २-३४-३७

    Instigated by this Kaikeyi, the destroyer of traditions (of the race) I have been deceived for which you wish to pay. [2-34-37]

  3. 38

    न चैतदाश्चर्यतमं यत्तज्येष्ठस्सुतो मम | अपानृतकथं पुत्र पितरं कर्तुमिच्छसि || २-३४-३८

    It is not a great surprise that you, Oh ! my son, being the eldest, want to make your father free from a false promise.' [2-34-38]

  4. 39

    अथ रामस्तथा श्रुत्वा पितुरार्तस्य भाषितम् | लक्ष्मणेन सह भ्रात्रा दीनो वचनमब्रवीत् || २-३४-३९

    Rama and Lakshmana were sad to hear the words of their anguished father. Rama replies : - [2-34-39]

  5. 40

    प्राप्स्यामि यानद्य गुणान्को मे श्वस्तान् प्रदास्यति | अपक्रमणमेवातः सर्वकामैरहं वृणे || २-३४-४०

    - 'Who will give me the merit (of propriety) I earn today? Therefore, I want to depart (today), discarding all my desires. [2-34-40]