1. 6

    यं यान्तमनुयाति स्म चतुरङ्गबलं महत् | तमेकं सीतया सार्धमनुयाति स्म लक्ष्मणः || २-३३-६

    - 'Whenever Rama went out, powerful army of four divisions used to follow him. Today he is walking alone followed by Lakshmana and Sita. [2-33-6]

  2. 7

    ऐश्वर्यस्य रसज्ञः सन् कामिनां चैव कामदः | नेच्छत्येवानृतं कर्तुं पितरं धर्मगौरवात् || २-३३-७

    Rama who enjoyed the comforts of affluence gratifies those who have desires. Out of veneration for righteousness, he does not want to prove his father false (to his promise). [2-33-7]

  3. 8

    या न शक्या पुरा द्रष्टुं भूतैराकाशगैरपि | तामद्य सीतां पश्यन्ति राजमार्गगता जनाः || २-३३-८

    It was not possible even for the creatures wandering in the sky (birds) to have a glimpse of Sita before. Now passersby walking the highway can behold her. [2-33-8]

  4. 9

    अङ्गरागोचितां सीतां रक्तचन्दनसेविनीम् | वर्षमुष्णं च शीतं च नेष्यन्त्याशु विवर्णताम् || २-३३-९

    Sita who used to apply fragrant unguents and smear the body with red sandal cream will now be exposed to the rain, the heat and the cold which will quickly discolour her body. [2-33-9]

  5. 10

    अद्य नूनं दशरथस्सत्त्वमाविश्य भाषते | न हि राजा प्रियं पुत्रं विवासयितुमर्हति || २-३३-१०

    Surely king Dasaratha possessed of an evil spirit spoke the way he did today. Otherwise, should a king banish his beloved son? [2-33-10]