1. 16

    तस्य यानं च दासीश्च सौमित्रे सम्प्रदापय | कौशेयानि च वस्त्राणि यावत्तुष्यति स द्विजः || २-३२-१६

    - Oh ! Lakshmana, arrange to give away them, chariots, maidservants, silk clothes till they are fully satisfied. [2-31-16]

  2. 17

    सूतश्चित्ररथश्चार्य सचिवस्सुचिरोषितः | तोषयैनं महार्हैश्च रत्नैर्वस्त्रैर्धनैस्तथा || २-३२-१७

    Noble counsellor (of our father) and charioteer Chitraratha has been in our service for many years. Gratify him with invaluable jewels, clothes, wealth..... - [2-32-17]

  3. 18

    पशुकाभिश्च सर्वाभिर्गवां दशशतेन च | ये चेमे कठकालापा बहवो दण्डमाणवाः || २-३२-१८

    - and with young female calves and a thousand cows. Many brahmacharis with a staff (as a mark of religious authority) wellversed in Katha and Kalapa portions of the Vedas..... - [2-32-18]

  4. 19

    नित्यस्वाध्यायशीलत्वान्नान्यत्कुर्वन्ति किञ्चन | अलसा स्वादुकामाश्च महतां चापि सम्मताः || २-३२-१९

    - engaged daily in the study of the Vedas and nothing else. Not active otherwise, they are fond of delicious food and are respected even by great people. [2-32-19]

  5. 20

    तेषामशीतियानानि रत्नपूर्णानि दापय | शालिवाहसहस्रं च द्वे शते भद्रकां स्तथा || २-३२-२०

    Give them eighty carts filled with gems, a thousand bulls capable of carrying paddy, and two hundred oxen capable of ploughing land..... - [2-32-20]