1. 26

    तां परिष्वज्य बाहुभ्यां विसंज्ञामिव दुःखिताम् | उवाच वचनं रामः परिविश्वासयंस्तदा || २-३०-२६

    With his arms Rama embraced Sita who had almost fainted in grief. And in order to create confidence in her he said these words: - [2-30-26]

  2. 27

    न देवि तव दुःखेन स्वर्गमप्यभिरोचये | न हि मेऽस्ति भयं किञ्चित्स्वयम्भोरिव सर्वतः || २-३०-२७

    - 'When you are in grief Oh ! Devi I do not desire even heaven. Like the selfcreated Brahma, I have no fear for any one. [2-30-27]

  3. 28

    तव सर्वमभिप्रायमविज्ञाय शुभानने | वासं न रोचयेऽरण्ये शक्तिमानपि रक्षणे || २-३०-२८

    Oh ! Sita of auspicious countenance, even though I am capable of protecting you I did not like your stay in the forest as I did not know your intentions. [2-30-28]

  4. 29

    यत्सृष्टाऽसि मया सार्धं वनवासाय मैथिलि | न विहातुं मया शक्या कीर्तिरात्मवता यथा || २-३०-२९

    Since you, Oh ! daughter of Mithila, were born to go along with me to the forest, I cannot abandon you just as a self-respecting man cannot forsake his reputation. [2-30-29]

  5. 30

    धर्मस्तु गजनासोरु सद्भिराचरितः पुरा | तं चाहमनुवर्तेऽद्य यथा सूर्यं सुवर्चला || २-३०-३०

    Oh ! one with (shapely) thighs like the trunk of an elephant follow only the path of righteousness practised earlier by the virtuous as Suvarchala ( wife of Sun ) follows the Sun. [2-30-30]