1. 6

    यदि त्वं प्रस्थितो दुर्गं वनमद्यैव राघव | अग्रतस्ते गमिष्यामि मृद्नन्ती कुशकण्टकान् || २-२७-६

    Oh ! son of the Raghus, if you set out for the impenetrable forest now itself, I shall also go, walking ahead of you and crushing the thorns and (spiky) kusa grass (rendering the path comfortable for you to walk). [2-27-6]

  2. 7

    ईर्ष्यारोषौ बहिष्कृत्य भुक्तशेषमिवोदकम् | नय मां वीर विस्रब्धः पापं मयि न विद्यते || २-२७-७

    Do take me with you, Oh ! valiant one without hesitation. Dismiss all anger and envy (from your mind) like the leftover water after drinking (anger because she disobeys and envy because she, too, like Rama, is willing to brave the hazards of forest life). There is no fault on my part. [2-27-7]

  3. 8

    प्रासादाग्रैर्विमानैर्वा वैहायसगतेन वा | सर्वावस्थागता भर्तुः पादच्छाया विशिष्यते || २-२७-८

    Every woman, everywhere be it on the top of mansions or in lovely palaces or flying in the sky should take shelter at his (her husband's) feet (or follow his footsteps). [2-27-8]

  4. 9

    अनुशिष्टाऽस्मि मात्रा च पित्रा च विविधाश्रयम् | नाऽस्मि सम्प्रति वक्तव्या वर्तितव्यं यथा मया || २-२७-९

    I have been so instructed by my parents about diverse duties in all stages of life that I need not be told anything (about my duties) now. [2-27-9]

  5. 10

    अहं दुर्गं गमिष्यामि वनं पुरुषवर्जितम् | नानामृगगणाकीर्णं शार्दूलवृकसेवितम् || २-२७-१०

    I will also go to the forest, which is impassable, uninhabited, teeming with various kinds of animals and infested with tigers and wolves. [2-27-10]