1. 11

    सुखं वने निवत्स्यामि यथैव भवने पितुः | अचिन्तयन्ती त्रीन्लोकांश्च्चिन्तयन्ती पतिव्रतम् || २-२७-११

    Free from any anxiety about the three worlds, my only concern will be my duties towards my husband. I shall dwell as happily in the forest as I did in my father's abode. [2-27-11]

  2. 12

    शुश्रूषमाणा ते नित्यं नियता ब्रह्मचारिणी | सह रंस्ये त्वया वीर वनेषु मधुगन्धिषु || २-२७-१२

    I shall wander with you, Oh ! heroic Rama in the forests which smell like honey remaining selfpossessed, always doing your service, and observing the vow of celibacy. [2-27-12]

  3. 13

    त्वं हि शक्तो वने कर्तुं राम सम्परिपालनम् | अन्यस्यापि जनस्येह किं पुनर्मम मानद || २-२७-१३

    Oh ! Rama, the bestower of honour, when you are capable of protecting other people in the forest, what of me? [2-27-13]

  4. 14

    सह त्वया गमिष्यामि वनमद्य न संशयः | नाहं शक्या महाभाग निवर्तयितुमुद्यता || २-२७-१४

    There is no doubt that I shall go with you to the forest today. Oh ! distinguished one I cannot be restrained from this resolve. [2-27-14]

  5. 15

    फलमूलाशना नित्यं भविष्यामि न संशयः। न ते दुःखं करिष्यामि निवसन्ती सह त्वया || २-२७-१५

    Do not doubt that I shall not be able to live on fruits and roots or that I will create difficulty for you while living with you. [2-27-15]