1. 26

    नापि त्वं तेन भर्तव्या विशेषेण कदाचन | अनुकूलतया शक्यं समीपे त्वस्य वर्तितुम् || २-२६-२६

    Never expect special treatment from Bharata. You can (continue to) stay with him (here) by conducting yourself in a favourable manner. [2-26-26]

  2. 27

    तस्मै दत्तं नृपतिना यौवराज्यं सनातनम् | स प्रसाद्यस्त्वया सीते नृपतिश्च विशेषतः || २-२६-२७

    Oh ! Sita the king has conferred the hereditary regency on him. Therefore, Oh ! Sita, you must make efforts to win his favour, especially a king's. [2-26-27]

  3. 28

    अहं चापि प्रतिज्ञां तां गुरोस्समनुपालयन् || २-२६-२८ वनमद्यैव यास्यामि स्थिरा भव मनस्विनी || २-२६-२८

    I am leaving for the forest right away for fulfilling my father's pledge. Oh ! highminded Sita be steady. [2-26-28]

  4. 29

    याते च मयि कल्याणि वनं मुनिनिषेवितम्। व्रतोपवासपरया भवितव्यं त्वयाऽनघे || २-२६-२९

    Oh ! sinless, auspicious one engage yourself in vratas and fasting after my departure to the forest inhabited by ascetics. [2-26-29]

  5. 30

    काल्यमुत्थाय देवानां कृत्वा पूजां यथाविधि | वन्दितव्यो दशरथः पिता मम नरेश्वरः || २-२६-३०

    You must rise in time and with the (household) gods duly worshipped, pay obeisance to my father, king Dasaratha. [2-26-30]