1. 16

    हस्ती चाग्रत श्श्रीमां स्तव लक्षणपूजितः | प्रयाणे लक्ष्यते वीर कृष्णमेघगिरि प्रभः || २-२६-१६

    Oh ! valiant one, how is it that the elephant, whose lustre resembles that of a mountain or a dark cloud and endowed with auspicious features is not seen leading your procession ? [2-26-16]

  2. 17

    न च काञ्चनचित्रं ते पश्यामि प्रियदर्शन | भद्रासनं पुरस्कृत्य यान्तं वीर पुरस्कृतम् || २-२६-१७

    Oh ! heroic one, Oh ! handsome one, how is it that I do not see your attendants proceeding in front with the throne carved in gold? [2-26-17]

  3. 18

    अभिषेको यथा सज्जः किमिदानीमिदं तव | अपूर्वो मुखवर्णश्च न प्रहर्षश्च लक्ष्यते || २-२६-१८

    Why is it that when arrangements are under way now for your consecration, the complexion of your countenance does not look like what it was before? There is no joy on your face.' [2-26-18]

  4. 19

    इतीव विलपन्तीं तां प्रोवाच रघुनन्दनः | सीते तत्र भवांस्तातः प्रव्राजयति मां वनम् || २-२६-१९

    Oh ! Sita my venerable father is banishing me to the forest, said the scion of the Raghus ( Rama ), seeing her thus lamenting. [2-26-19]

  5. 20

    कुले महति सम्भूते धर्मज्ञे धर्मचारिणि | शृणु जानकि येनेदं क्रमेणाभ्यागतं मम || २-२६-२०

    You were born in a noble family. You know and practise dharma. I shall tell you how this banishment has come about. Do listen. [2-26-20]