1. 11

    व्यजनाभ्यां च मुख्याभ्यां शतपत्रनिभेक्षणम् | चन्द्रहंसप्रकाशाभ्यां वीज्यते न तवाननम् || २-२६-११

    (How is it that) your face, with its lotuslike eyes is not being fanned by excellent fans of the colour of the Moon or the swan. [2-26-11]

  2. 12

    वाग्मिनो वन्दिनश्चापि प्रहृष्टास्त्वां नरर्षभ | स्तुवन्तो नात्र दृश्यन्ते मङ्गलैः स्सूतमागधाः || २-२६-१२

    (How is it that) Oh ! best among men eloquent panegyrists, charioteers, bards are not seen singing your praise with auspicious words? [2-26-12]

  3. 13

    न ते क्षौद्रं च दधि च ब्राह्मणा वेदपारगाः | मूर्ध्नि मूर्धाभिषिक्तस्य ददति स्म विधानतः || २-२६-१३

    How is it that brahmins versed in the Vedas have not duly sprinkled the mixture of honey and curd on your head (prior to your consecration)? [2-26-13]

  4. 14

    न त्वां प्रकृतय स्सर्वा श्श्रेणीमुख्याश्च भूषिताः | अनुव्रजितुमिच्छन्ति पौरजानपदास्तथा || २-२६-१४

    How is it that welladorned ministers, citizens from towns and villages, heads of guilds and others do not follow you? [2-26-14]

  5. 15

    चतुर्भिर्वेगसम्पन्नैर्हयैः काञ्चनभूषितैः | मुख्यः पुष्यरथो युक्तः किं न गच्छति तेऽग्रतः || २-२६-१५

    How is it that the chief ceremonial chariot, decorated with gold and harnessed by four galloping horses is not preceding you? [2-26-15]