1. 36

    ऋतवस्सागरा द्वीपा वेदा लोका दिशश्च ते | मङ्गलानि महाबाहो दिशन्तु शुभमङ्गलाः || २-२५-३६

    Oh ! mighty-armed Rama may the auspicious and prosperous seasons, seas, islands. the Vedas, the worlds and the quarters bless you.' [2-25-36]

  2. 37

    इति पुत्रस्य शेषांश्च कृत्वा शिरसि भामिनी | गन्धैश्चापि समालभ्य राममायतलोचना || २-२५-३७

    The large-eyed beautiful lady( Kausalya ) placed the remains of the offerings on his (Rama's) head and applied sandal cream to his body. [2-25-37]

  3. 38

    ओषधीं चापि सिद्धार्थां विशल्यकरणीं शुभाम् | चकार रक्षां कौशल्या मन्त्रैरभिजजाप च || २-२५-३८

    She tied an auspicious medicinal herb known as Vishalyakarani ( capable of removing extraneous substances causing great pain in the body ) to his arm for attainment of his objectives, repeatedly muttering prayers ( in a low tone). [2-25-38]

  4. 39

    उवाचातिप्रहृष्टेव सा दुःखवशवर्तिनी | वाङ्ग्मात्रेण न भावेन वाचाऽसंसज्जमानया || २-२५-३९

    Even though Kausalya was filled with distress, she appeared as if she was very much happy. She uttered mere words in a confusing tone without applying her mind. [2-25-39]

  5. 40

    आनम्य मूर्ध्नि चाघ्राय परिष्वज्य यशस्विनी | अवदत्पुत्र सिद्धार्थो गच्छ राम यथासुखम् || २-२५-४०

    Illustrious Kausalya embraced Rama, bending his head down and smelt his forehead. And then said, 'Oh ! Rama go in peace and come back after accomplishing the objective. [2-25-40]