1. 26

    भर्तु श्शुश्रूषया नारी लभते स्वर्गमुत्तमम् | अपि या निर्नमस्कारा निवृत्ता देवपूजनात् || २-२४-२६

    A woman who serves her husband will attain the highest heaven even if she pays no homage to gods and abstains from worshipping them. [2-24-26]

  2. 27

    शुश्रूषामेव कुर्वीत भर्तुः प्रियहिते रता | एष धर्मः पुरा दृष्टो लोके वेदे श्रुतः स्मृतः || २-२४-२७

    A wife who serves her husband and who is engaged in doing good to him is righteous. This dharma exists in this world since ancient times, declared in the Vedas and the smritis. [2-24-27]

  3. 28

    अग्निकार्येषु च सदा सुमनोभिश्च देवताः | पूज्यास्ते मत्कृते देवि बाह्मणाश्चैव सुव्रताः || २-२४-२८

    For my sake, O devi worship the firegod with offerings of oblations and flowers, and brahmins who are true to religious vows. [2-24-28]

  4. 29

    एवं कालं प्रतीक्षस्व ममागमनकाङ्क्षिणी | नियता नियताहारा भर्तृशुश्रूषणे रता || २-२४-२९

    Looking forward to my return, spend your time this way with moderate intake, a mind under control and a life devoted to the service of your husband. [2-24-29]

  5. 30

    प्राप्स्यसे परमं कामं मयि प्रत्यागते सति | यदि धर्मभृतां श्रेष्ठो धारयिष्यति जीवितम् || २-२४-३०

    If my father, who is the best among the upholders of righteousness, survives till I come back, you will have your highest desires fulfilled.' [2-24-30]