1. 11

    येनेय मागता द्वैधं तव बुद्धिर्महामते | स हि धर्मः मम द्वेष्यः प्रसन्गात् यस्य मुह्यसि || २-२३-११

    Oh ! noble minded one, I hate this righteousness which has deluded your intellect and created this dilemma about this issue. [2-23-11]

  2. 12

    कथम् त्वम् कर्मणा शक्तः कैकेयीवशवर्तिनः | करिष्यसि पितुर्वाक्यमधर्मिष्ठम् विगर्हितम् || २-२३-१२

    When you are able to counter (this move), why do you want to execute the unjustifiable and contemptible words of the king who is under the spell of Kaikeyi? [2-23-12]

  3. 13

    यद्ययं किल्बिषाद्भेदः कृतोऽप्येवं न गृह्यते | जायते तत्र मे दुःखं धर्मसङ्गश्च गर्हितः || २-२३-१३

    I am grieved that even though this plot has been hatched by a treacherous mind, you are not taking it in the right perspective. Censurable is adherence to virtue. [2-23-13]

  4. 14

    मनसाऽपि कथं कामं कुर्यास्त्वं कामवृत्तयोः | तयोस्त्वहितयोर्नित्यं शत्र्वोः पित्रभिधानयोः || २-२३-१४

    As both of them are steeped in passion, they never thought of your wellbeing. How will you fulfil the wishes of these enemies miscalled parents? [2-23-14]

  5. 15

    यद्यपि प्रतिपत्तिस्ते दैवी चापि तयोर्मतम् | तथा अपि उपेक्षणीयम् ते न मे तत् अपि रोचते || २-२३-१५

    It might be your opinion that their dictate is the decree of destiny. Even then, it does not satisfy me. It (destiny) should be ignored. [2-23-15]