1. 1

    स ददर्श आसने रामः निषण्णम् पितरम् शुभे | कैकेयी सहितम् दीनम् मुखेन परिशुष्यता || २-१८-१

    Rama beheld his father reclined on an auspicious couch and by his side was seated Kaikeyi. He looked wretched with a pale face. [2-18-1]

  2. 2

    स पितुः चरणौ पूर्वम् अभिवाद्य विनीतवत् | ततः ववन्दे चरणौ कैकेय्याः सुसमाहितः || २-१८-२

    With all humility and wellcomposed mind, he made reverential salutation first at his father's feet and thereafter at Kaikeyi's. [2-18-2]

  3. 3

    राम इति उक्त्वा च वचनम् वाष्प पर्याकुल ईक्षणः | शशाक न्ऱ्पतिर् दीनो न ईक्षितुम् न अभिभाषितुम् || २-१८-३

    Dasaratha uttered the word 'Rama', but thereafter could neither say any more in distress nor look at him becuase his eyes were brimming with tears. [2-18-3]

  4. 4

    तत् अपूर्वम् नर पतेर् द्ऱ्ष्ट्वा रूपम् भय आवहम् | रामः अपि भयम् आपन्नः पदा स्प्ऱ्ष्ट्वा इव पन्नगम् || २-१८-४

    Never before did Rama see such frightful appearance of his father. He was seized with fear as if he trampled a serpent. [2-18-4]

  5. 5

    इन्द्रियैः अप्रह्ऱ्ष्टैअः तम् शोक सम्ताप कर्शितम् | निह्श्वसन्तम् महा राजम् व्यथित आकुल चेतसम् || २-१८-५

    Maharaja (Dasaratha) with his senses dulled had become emaciated due to sorrow and suffering. With an agitated and troubled mind, he was breathing heavily. [2-18-5]