1. 1

    स तदंतःपुरद्वारं समतीत्य जनाकुलम् | प्रविविक्तां ततः कक्ष्यामाससाद पुराणवित् || २-१६-१

    Sumantra, who was conversant with ancient traditions, passed through the entrance of the inner apartment full of people and reached the sparsely crowded courtyard. [2-16-1]

  2. 2

    प्रास कार्मुक बिभ्रद्भिर् युवभिर् मृष्ट कुण्डलैः | अप्रमादिभिर् एक अग्रैः स्वनुरक्तैः अधिष्ठिताम् || २-१६-२

    There alert, loyal young men were attentively guarding the frontyard, armed with spears and bows and wearing shining earrings. [2-16-2]

  3. 3

    तत्र काषायिणो वृद्धान् वेत्रपाणीन् स्वमंकृतान् | ददर्शविष्ठितान् द्वारि स्त्रध्यक्षान् सुसमाहितान् || २-१६-३

    He saw aged people appointed as security staff for women's apartments. They were welladorned, dressed in orange robes and with rapt attention stood holding staff in their hands. [2-16-3]

  4. 4

    ते समीक्ष्य समायान्तं रामप्रियचिकीर्षवः | सहसोत्पतिताः सर्वे ह्यसनेभ्यः ससम्भ्रमाः || २-१६-४

    On seeing (Sumantra) arriving, all of them, wellwishers to Rama, quickly rose from their seats. [2-16-4]

  5. 5

    तानुवाच विनीतात्मा सूतपुत्रः प्ररक्षिणः | क्षिप्रमाख्यात रामाय सुमन्त्रे द्वारि तिष्ठति || २-१६-५

    Humble and extremely courteous charioteer (to the guards) said, Inform Rama at once that Sumantra is waiting at the entrance. [2-16-4]