1. 76

    न हि प्रवाजिते रामे देवि जीवितुमुत्सहे | सतीम् त्वामहमत्यन्तम् व्यवस्याम्यसतीम् सतीम् | रूपिणीम् विषसम्युक्ताम् पीत्वेव मदिराम् नरह् || २-१२-७६

    (But) Oh ! Devi, I do not wish to live after Rama is exiled. Like people regarding wine mixed with poison as fine before drinking it, I had a firm belief that you were a chaste woman, but while you who look extremely beautiful you are actually not so. [2-1-76]

  2. 77

    अनृतैर्बहु माम् सान्वैःसा न्त्वयन्ती स्म स्मभाषसे | गीतशब्देन सम्रुध्य लुब्धो मृगमिवावधीः || २-१२-७७

    You used to console me with so many words pleasing but untrue and you killed me like a hunter getting the deer trapped and slaughtered through the melody of music. [2-12-77]

  3. 78

    अनार्य इति मामार्याः पुत्रविक्रायिकम् ध्रुवम् | धिक्करिष्यन्ति रथ्यासु सुरापम् ब्राह्मणम् यथा || २-१२-७८

    Respectable people on the highway ( gathered in the streets ) will certainly say 'He sold away his son' and censure me as a mean person like a brahmin consuming liquor. [2-12-78]

  4. 79

    अहो दुःखमहो कृच्छ्रम् यत्र वाचः क्षमे तव | दुःखमेवम्विधम् प्राप्तम् पुराकृतमिवाशुभम् || २-१२-७९

    What suffering What a calamity that I am made to put up with your words. I am subject to this suffering may be as expiation for the sin formerly committed. [2-12-79]

  5. 80

    चिरम् खलु मया पापे त्वम् पापेनाभिरक्षिता | अज्ञानादुपसम्पन्ना रज्जुरुद्बंधिनी यथा || २-१२-८०

    Oh ! wretch I protected you in my folly for a long time through ignorance, like a rope preserved which turned out to be a noose to hang me with. [2-12-80]