1. 56

    दीनया तु गिरा राजा इति होवाच कैकयिम् | अनर्थमिममर्थाभम् केन त्वमुपदर्शिता || २-१२-५६

    The king addressed Kaikeyi in humble words saying, Why did you exhibit this unfortunate act apparently beneficial to you? [2-12-56]

  2. 57

    भूतोपहतचित्तेव ब्रुवन्ती माम् न लज्जसे | शीलव्यसनमेतत्ते नाभिजानाम्यहम् पुरा || २-१२-५७

    You, whose faculties are possessed by an evil spirit, are not ashamed of saying this. I never knew earlier that you possessed such perverse behaviour. [2-12-57]

  3. 58

    बलायास्तत्त्विदानीम् ते लक्षये विपरीतवत् | कुतो वा ते भयम् जातम् या त्वमेवम्विदम् वरम् || २-१२-५८

    But now I perceive the reverse (of what I knew) from that when you were young. From where did you get this apprehension that You are asking for a boon..... - [2-12-58]

  4. 59

    राष्ट्रे भरतमासीनम् वृणीषे राघवम् वने | विरमैतेन भावेन त्वमेतेनानृतेन वा || २-१२-५९

    - that Bharata should be enthroned in the kingdom while Rama should live in the forest ? Refrain from this illusory thought ( of exiling Rama ),..... - [2-12-59]

  5. 60

    यदि भर्तुः प्रियम् कार्यम् लोकस्य भरतस्य च | नृशंसे पापसम्कल्पे क्षुद्रे दुष्कृतकारिणि || २-१२-६०

    - if you wish to do good to your husband, to the world and also to Bharata. Oh ! cruel one, Oh ! woman of sinful resolve, Oh ! vile (creature), Oh ! woman of evil deeds,..... - [2-12-60]