1. 16

    तमुवाच महातेजा रामो राजर्षिसत्तमः | किं मां भरत कुर्वाणं तात प्रत्युपवेक्ष्यसि || २-१११-१६

    Rama, the foremost of royal sages and highly powerful said, 'Dear Bharata, what wrong have I done that you should prevent me by lying down in front of me?' [2-111-16]

  2. 17

    ब्राह्मणो ह्येकपार्श्वेन नरान्रोद्धुमिहार्हति | न तु मूर्धाभिषिक्तानां विधिः प्रत्युपवेशने || २-१११-१७

    A brahmin alone is competent in this world to prevent a person by lying down on one side (in front of him). One who is anointed king is not permitted by (scriptural) tradition to squat in protest. [2-111-16]

  3. 18

    उत्तिष्ठ नरशार्दूल हित्वैतद्दारुणं व्रतम् | पुरवर्यामितः क्षिप्रमयोध्यां याहि राघव || २-१११-१८

    Oh ! Bharata, Oh ! tiger among men, Oh ! scion of the Raghu race give up this formidable vow. Arise and quickly return to Ayodhya, the best of cities.' [2-111-18]

  4. 19

    आसीनस्त्वेव भरतः पौरजानपदं जनम् | उवाच सर्वतः प्रेक्ष्य किमार्यं नानुशासथ || २-१११-१९

    While remaining seated, Bharata looking all around at the inhabitants from towns and villages, questioned them 'why don't you all persuade my esteemed brother to return'. [2-111-19]

  5. 20

    ते तदोचुर्महात्मानं पौरजानपदा जनाः | काकुत्स्थमभिजानीमः सम्यग् वदति राघवः || २-१११-२०

    Those inhabitants from towns and villages replied to the magnanimous Bharata 'we know the scion of the Kakutha dynasty, Rama, very well. What he has said is proper. [2-111-20]