1. 26

    तदा दैवासुरे युद्धे तस्य कालोऽय मागतः | नव पञ्च च वर्षाणि दण्डकारण्यमाश्रितः || २-११-२६

    - then in the war between gods and asuras and the time has come to grant it. Consigned to the Dandaka forest for fourteen (nine and five) years,..... - [2-11-26]

  2. 27

    चीराजिनजटाधारी रामो भवतु तापसः | भरतो भजतामद्य यौवराज्यमकण्टकम् || २-११-२७

    - clad in bark and deer skin and wearing matted hair, Rama shall live like an ascetic. Let Bharata be prince regent without any without any thorns ( rivals ). [2-11-27]

  3. 28

    एष मे परमः कामो दत्तमेव वरं वृणे | अद्यचैव हि पश्येयं प्रयान्तं राघवं वन्म् || २-११-२८

    This is my great desire. I am asking for an already granted boon. Let me see Rama's departure to the forest today itself. [2-11-28]

  4. 29

    स राजराजो भव स्त्यसंगरः | कुलं च शीलं च हि रक्ष जन्म च | परत्र वासे हि वद्न्त्यनुत्तमं | तपोधनाः सत्यवचो हितं नृणाम् || २-११-२९

    Oh ! king of kings, by being true to your vow, protect your race, character and lineage. Those sages whose ascetism is their wealth maintain that there is no merit superior to truthfulness which can confer man a place in the other world. [2-11-29]