1. 16

    सत्य्सन्धो महातेजाधर्मज्ञः सुसमाहितः | वरं मम ददात्येष तन्मे शृण्वन्तु देवताअः || २-११-१६

    He ( King Dasaratha ) who is true to his vows, heroic and knows the ways of righteousness is granting me boons with a wellcomposed mind. Let all the gods stand witness to this (declared Kaikeyi). [2-11-16]

  2. 17

    इति देवी महेष्वासं परिगृह्यभिशस्य च | ततः परमुवाचेदं वरदं काममोहितम् || २-११-१७

    Clasping the great archer, the infatuated king, conferer of boons and flattering him (to the top of her bent), the queen said: - [2-11-17]

  3. 18

    स्मर राज्न् पुरा वृत्तं तस्मिन् दैवासुरे रणे | तत्र चाच्यावयच्छत्रुस्तव जीवतमन्तरा || २-११-१८

    Oh ! king, recall the event that happened long ago in the war between gods and asuras where the enemy destroyed almost every thing except your life. [2-11-18]

  4. 19

    तत्र चापि मया देव यत्त्वं समभिरक्षितः | जाग्रत्या यतमानायास्ततो मे प्राददा वरौ || २-११-१९

    Oh ! king, I rescued you there. Since I was alert to protect you, you granted me two boons. [2-11-19]

  5. 20

    तौ तु दत्तौ वरौ देव निक्षेपौ मृगयाम्यहम् | तथैव पृथिवीपाल सकाशे सत्यसंगर || २-११-२०

    Oh ! protector of the earth, Oh ! king, honest in keeping promises, I (now) seek those two boons which were reserved as deposits. [2-11-20]