1. 36

    अथ वासान्परित्यज्य तं सर्वेऽभिमुखाः स्वनम् | अप्येकमनसो जग्मुर्यथास्थानं प्रधाविताः || २-१०२-३६

    Then all of them left their camps with one single thought (of seeing Rama) in their minds and ran in the direction from where that sound emanated. [2-102-36]

  2. 37

    हयैरन्ये गजैरन्ये रथैरन्ये स्वलङ्कृतैः | सुकुमारा स्तथैवान्ये पद्भिरेव नरा ययुः || २-१०२-३७

    Some rode horses, some, elephants, while others mounted welldecorated chariots, while the young went on foot. [2-102-37]

  3. 38

    अचिरप्रोषितं रामं चिरविप्रोषितं यथा | द्रष्टुकामो जनः सर्वो जगाम सहसाऽऽश्रमम् || २-१०२-३८

    The whole multitude of people at once rushed towards the hermitage wishing to see Rama as if he had left long ago though he had gone on exile very recently. [2-102-37]

  4. 39

    भ्रातृ़णां त्वरितास्ते तु द्रष्टुकामा स‌मागमम् | ययुर्बहुविधैर्यानै: खुरनेमिस्वनाकुलैः || २-१०२-३९

    Eager to see the union of brothers, all those people went by every sort of vehicle filled with the sounds of hooves and wheels. [2-102-39]

  5. 40

    सा भूमिर्बहुभिर्यानैः रथ‌नेमिसमाहता | मुमोच तुमुलं शब्दं द्यौरिवाभ्रसमागमे || २-१०२-४०

    The earth crushed by several vehicles, hooves (of horses) and wheels (of chariots) emitted tumultuous sounds like the sky in the gathering of storm clouds. [2-102-40]