1. 11

    ततः पुष्करिणीं वीरौ पम्पां नाम गमिष्यथः | अशर्करामविभ्रंशां समतीर्थामशैवलाम् || ३-७३-११

    - Oh ! brave men, until you reach a lake named Pampa. The slopes of Pampa are levelled and without stones or pebbles. They are not slippery slopes. They are without moss. [3-73-11]

  2. 12

    राम सञ्जातवालूकां कमलोत्पलशालिनीम् | तत्र हंसाः प्लवाः क्रौञ्चाः कुरराश्चैव राघव || ३-७३-१२

    Oh ! Rama, It has smooth beds of sand on the banks and it is full of lotuses and lilies. Oh ! Son of the Raghus ( Rama ), there ( you will see ) swans, ducks, krauncha birds and curlews..... - [3-73-12]

  3. 13

    वल्गुस्वना विकूजन्ति पम्पासलिलगोचराः | नोद्विजन्ते नरान्दृष्ट्वा वधस्याकोविदाश्शुभाः || ३-७३-१३

    - cackling and cooing, moving in the waters of Pampa. Not knowing that they may be killed, the innocent creatures will not be scared of human beings. [3-73-13]

  4. 14

    घृतपिण्डोपमान् स्थूलांस्तान्द्विजान्भक्षयिष्यथः | रोहितान्वक्रतुण्डांश्च नडमीनांश्च राघव || ३-७३-१४

    Both of you can kill and eat the fat birds comparable to balls of ghee. Oh ! Rama, scion of the Raghu dynasty, rohita fish and big fishes and crooked-faced fishes,..... - [3-73-14]

  5. 15

    पम्पायामिषुभिर्मत्स्यांस्तत्र राम वरान्हतान् | निस्त्वक्पक्षानयस्तप्तानकृशानेककण्टकान् || ३-७३-१५

    - fishes with a single bone, fishes without scales and fins there at Pampa, by shooting an arrow at the choicest fishes, baked on iron skewers and cooked..... - [3-73-15]