1. 1

    शरभङ्गे दिवं प्राप्ते मुनिसङ्घास्समागताः | अभ्यगच्छन्त काकुत्स्थं रामं ज्वलिततेजसम् || ३-६-१

    When Sarabhanga attained the heaven, all the sages collected together and came to Rama whose radiance was like fire. [3-6-1]

  2. 2

    वैखानसा वालखिल्यास्सम्प्रक्षाला मरीचिपाः | अश्मकुट्टाश्च बहवः पत्राहाराश्च तापसाः || ३-६-२

    The sages called Vaikahanasa-s, ( who are born out of the nails of Prajaapati, the first ruler of mankind ) also Vaalakhilyaa-s, ( those born from His hair ) and samprakshaalaa ( those from the water of His feet-wash ) and mariichipaah ( those that thrive on drinking rays of sun and moon alone ) and ashmakutta ( those that pound grains with stones ) and others who thrive on leaves alone, are those sages..... - [3-6-2]

  3. 3

    दन्तोलूखलिनश्चैव तथैवोन्मज्जकाः परे | गात्रशय्या अशय्याश्च तथैवाभ्रावकाशकाः || ३-६-३

    Some of them use their own teeth to grid the grain they eat, and some who perform ascesis in neck-deep water, and some who sleep with their head resting on their shoulders or on chests without using any kind of bed, and some who do not use any kind of beds either, and some who meditate without any repose sitting in an enclosure without any leg-space. [3-6-3]

  4. 4

    मुनयस्सलिलाहारावायुभक्षा स्तथापरे | आकाशनिलयाश्चैव तथा स्थण्डिलशायिनः || ३-६-४

    And some sages whose food is water alone, or air alone to some, like that some who meditate staying in sky and some who sleep on bare ground itself. [3-6-4]

  5. 5

    व्रतोपवासिनो दान्तास्तथाऽर्द्रपटवाससः | सजपाश्च तपोनित्यास्तथा पञ्चतपोऽन्विताः || ३-६-५

    Thus some are dwellers on high-peaked places with their senses controlled, and some are wearers of wet cloths, always reciting name or hymn japa and like that some who meditate with five kinds of fire around them. [3-6-5]