1. 26

    ह्रियमाणामधर्मेण मां राघव न पश्यसि | ननु नामाविनीतानां विनेतासि परन्तप || ३-४९-२६

    Oh ! Raaghava ( Rama ), do you not see me carried off by an unrighteous fellow ? Oh ! scorcher of enemies ( Rama ), you are the chastiser of the haughty. [3-49-26]

  2. 27

    कथमेवंविधं पापं न त्वं शासि हि रावणम् | ननु सद्योऽविनीतस्य दृश्यते कर्मणःफलम् || ३-४९-२७

    Why do you not punish such a sinner like Ravana. The effect of arrogant action cannot be seen right away. [3-49-27]

  3. 28

    कालोऽप्यङ्गीभवत्यत्र सस्यानामिव पक्तये | त्वं कर्म कृतवानेतत्कालोपहतचेतनः || ३-४९-२८

    Just as the crop yields results only after ripening, in the same way it takes time. Time acts as a supporting factor. Time has taken a toll of your senses. This has made you do what you have done. [3-49-28]

  4. 29

    जीवितान्तकरं घोरं रामाद्व्यसनमाप्नुहि | हन्तेदानीं सकामास्तु कैकेयी सह बान्धवैः || ३-४९-२९

    A great calamity is awaiting you in the hands of Rama. It will end your life. Let Kaikeyi along with her relations be happy with her desire fulfilled. Alas,..... - [3-49-29]

  5. 30

    ह्रिये यद्धर्मकामस्य धर्मपत्नी यशस्विनः | आमन्त्रये जनस्थाने कर्णिकारान्सुपुष्पितान् || ३-४९-३०

    - the lawful wife of the glorious and righteous Rama is being abducted now. Praying, Oh ! karnikar trees in full bloom in Janasthana,..... - [3-49-30]