1. 21

    नयनाभ्यां प्रसुप्तोऽपि जागर्ति नयचक्षुषा | त्यक्तक्रोधप्रमादश्च स राजा पूज्यते जनैः || ३-३३-२१

    The king who keeps both his eyes shut but keeps the eye of justice open, one who is free from anger and remains ever alert, is worshipped by the people. [3-33-21]

  2. 22

    त्वं तु रावण दुर्बुद्धिर्गुणैरेतैर्विवर्जितः | यस्य तेऽविदितश्चारै रक्षसां सुमहान्वधः || ३-३३-२२

    Oh ! Ravana you are evil minded. You are devoid of all these good qualities. Your spies could not know that there had been a great massacre of your fellow demons. [3-33-22]

  3. 23

    परावमन्ता विषयेषु सङ्गतो न देशकालप्रविभागतत्ववित् | अयुक्तबुद्धिर्गुणदोषनिश्चये विपन्नराज्यो नचिराद्विपत्स्यसे || ३-३३-२३

    A king who accuses others, who is addicted to sensual pleasures, who lacks a sense of judgement of place and time, a sense of discrimination between virtue and vice and the right wisdom will destroy himself and the kingdom in no time.' [3-33-23]

  4. 24

    इति स्वदोषान् परिकीर्तितांस्तया समीक्ष्य बुद्ध्या क्षणदाचरेश्वरः | धनेन दर्पेण बलेन चान्वितो विचिन्तयामास चिरं स रावणः || ३-३३-२४

    Ravana, king of demons, wealthy, arrogant and mighty, listened to Surpanakha and pondered over the mistakes she mentioned. [3-33-24]