1. 6

    अद्य ते छिन्नकण्ठस्य फेनबुद्बुदभूषितम् | विदारितस्य मद्बाणैर्मही पास्यति शोणितम् || ३-३०-६

    Now with your throat split open by my arrows , the earth will drink your foamy blood full of bubbles. [3-30-6]

  2. 7

    पांसुरूषितसर्वाङ्गस्स्रस्तन्यस्त भुजद्वयः | स्वप्स्यसे गां समालिङ्ग्य दुर्लभां प्रमदामिव || ३-३०-७

    With all your limbs covered with dust, both the arms dropped down and stretched out on the ground, you will sleep as though hugging the earth, like embracing a rare woman. [3-30-7]

  3. 8

    प्रबद्धनिद्रे शयिते त्वयि राक्षसपांसने | भविष्यन्तिशरण्यानां शरण्या दण्डका इमे || ३-३०-८

    When you, Oh ! vile demon, will go into eternal sleep the Dandaka grounds will provide shelter to those who deserve it here. [3-30-8]

  4. 9

    जनस्थाने हतस्थाने तव राक्षस मच्छरैः | निर्भया विचरिष्यन्ति सर्वतो मुनयो वने || ३-३०-९

    Oh ! demon, when my arrows destroy your hold over Janasthana, the sages will move freely without fear all over this forest. [3-30-9]

  5. 10

    अद्य विप्रसरिष्यन्ति राक्षस्यो हतबान्धवाः | बाष्पार्द्रवदना दीना भयादन्यभयावहाः || ३-३०-१०

    Having lost all their relations, the demonesses, who were causing fear to others, will move away with faces full of tears. [3-30-10]