1. 46

    चूर्णिताभिश्शिलाभिश्च शरैश्चित्रैरनेकशः | विच्छिन्नैस्समरे भूमिर्विकीर्णाऽभूद्भयङ्करा || ३-२५-४६

    Also the boulders were pulverised, various amazing arrows had gone to rack and ruin in many ways. Spread with such wreckage the earth became horrifying for a glance. [3-25-46]

  2. 47

    तान् दृष्ट्वा निहतान् सर्वे रक्षसाः परम आतुराः | न तत्र चलितुम् शक्ता रामम् पर पुरंजयम् || ३-२५-४७

    On seeing the killed demons all the surviving demons had became enervated and they are rendered incapable to make a move towards Rama, the conqueror of enemy's capitals. [3-25-47]