1. 11

    तस्य तद्वचनं श्रुत्वा राक्षसास्ते चतुर्दश | ऊचुर्वाचं सुसंक्रुद्धा ब्रह्मघ्नाश्शूलपाणयः || ३-२०-११

    At these words, the destroyers of brahmins, the fourteen demons were inflamed. They lifted their spears and spoke..... - [3-20-11]

  2. 12

    संरक्त नयना घोरा रामम् रक्तांत लोचनम् | परुषा मधुर आभाषम् हृष्टाः अदृष्ट पराक्रमम् || ३-२०-१२

    - happily ( self-confidently ) with their bloodshot eyes and with harsh words to Rama, whose eyes are with blood streaks at their ends, and who also is a sweet talker, and whose valour is yet unseen ( by those fourteen demons ) : - [3-20-12]

  3. 13

    क्रोधमुत्पाद्य नो भर्तुः खरस्य सुमहात्मनः | त्वमेव हास्यसे प्राणानद्यास्माभिर्हतो युधि || ३-२०-१३

    - 'You have incited the wrath of Khara, our great master for which you will now pay with your life in the fight. [3-20-13]

  4. 14

    का हि ते शक्तिरेकस्य बहूनां रणमूर्धनी | अस्माकमग्रतः स्थातुं किं पुनर्योद्दुमाहवे || ३-२०-१४

    How can you face us alone? We outnumber you? Leave alone fighting, you cannot even stand in front of us. [3-20-14]

  5. 15

    एहि बाहुप्रयुक्तैर्नः परिघैश्शूलपट्टिसैः | प्राणांस्त्यक्षसि वीर्यं च धनुश्च करपीडितम् || ३-२०-१५

    Come on with daggers and sharp-edged spears hurled by our arms, you will give up your life, your prowess as well as the bow held in your hand.' [3-20-15]