1. 91

    अत्र देवाश्च यक्षाश्च नागाश्च पतगैस्सह | वसन्ति नियताहारा धर्ममाराधयिष्णवः || ३-११-९१

    Here gods, yakshas, nagas and birds live, following the righteous path and observing discipline in food habits. [3-11-91]

  2. 92

    अत्र सिद्धा महात्मानो विमानैजस्सूर्यसन्निभैः | त्यक्तदेहा नवैर्देहैः स्वर्याताः परमर्षयः || ३-११-९२

    Here great souls like sages and siddhas gave up the mortal bodies and with renewed bodies left for heaven on aircrafts resembling the Sun (in brightness). [3-11-92]

  3. 93

    यक्षत्वममरत्वं च राज्यानि विविधानि च। अत्र देवाः प्रयच्छन्ति भूतैराराधिताश्शुभैः || ३-११-९३

    Worshipped by benevolent beings, the gods here bestow on them the status of demigods or of the immortals or several kinds of kingdoms. [3-11-93]

  4. 94

    आगताः स्म आश्रम पदम् सौमित्रे प्रविश अग्रतः | निवेदय इह माम् प्राप्तम् ऋषये सह सीतया || ३-११-९४

    We arrived at the threshold of the hermitage, oh! Saumitri ( Lakshamana ), you enter firstly and submit to Sage Agastya about my arrival at this place along with Sita.' [3-11-94]