1. 81

    प्राज्यधूमाकुलवनश्चीरमालापरिष्कृतः | प्रशान्तमृगयूथश्च नानाशकुनिनादितः || ३-११-८१

    This forest is enveloped with the smoke rising from the sacrificial altar. There are rows of bark robes hanging. Herds of quiet animals lying and different kind of birds chirping around. [3-11-81]

  2. 82

    तस्येदमाश्रमपदं प्रभावाद्यस्य राक्षसैः | दिगियं दक्षिणा त्रासाद्दृश्यते नोपभुज्यते || ३-११-८२

    This is his hermitage. On account of his (Agastya's) impact the demons look south but cannot eat the hermits out of fear (for the sage). [3-11-82]

  3. 83

    यदा प्रभृति चाक्रान्ता दिगियं पुण्यकर्मणा | तदा प्रभृति निर्वैराः प्रशान्ता रजनीचराः || ३-११-८३

    Since the time Agastya of sacred deeds occupied this direction the demons are quiet, leaving all enmity. [3-11-83]

  4. 84

    नाम्ना चेयं भगवतो दक्षिणा दिक्प्रदक्षिणा | प्रथिता त्रिषु लोकेषु दुर्धर्षा क्रूरकर्मभिः || ३-११-८४

    The southern side favourable to the people was famous by the name Agastya in the three worlds and stood unassailable to the demons. [3-11-84]

  5. 85

    मार्गं निरोद्धुं निरतो भास्करस्याचलोत्तमः | निदेशं पालयन्यस्य विन्ध्यशैला न वर्धते || ३-११-८५

    The great mountain Vindhya that was growing incessantly and obstructing the path of the Sun stopped growing any more in obedience to Agastya's words. [3-11-85]