1. 16

    ततो रामस्य सत्कृत्य विधिना पावकोपमाः | अजह्रुस्ते महाभागाः सलिलं धर्मचारिणः || ३-१-१६

    The great sages comparable to the firegod and followers of righteousness honoured Rama according to tradition by offering water. [3-1-16]

  2. 17

    मङ्गलानि प्रयुञ्जना मुदा परमया युताः | मूलं पुष्पं फलं सर्वमाश्रमं च महात्मनः || ३-१-१७

    On sounding out Vedic blessings with great, delightedness, to the great soul Rama, fruits, roots and flowers available at the hermitage..... - [3-1-17]

  3. 18

    निवेदयित्वा ध्र्मज्ञास्ते तु प्राञ्जलयोऽब्रुवन् | धर्मपालो जनस्यास्य शरण्यश्च महायशाः || ३-१-१८

    - was offered. And then the sages who were knowers of dharma with folded palms said thus : - 'Oh ! protector of dharma of great fame, you are the refuge of the people,..... - [3-1-18]

  4. 19

    पूजनीयश्च मान्यश्च राजा दण्डधरो गुरुः | इन्द्रस्यव चतुर्भागः प्रजा रक्षति राघव || ३-१-१९

    a king, a chastiser of wrongdoers, a worshipful and respectable preceptor. Oh ! Raaghava, in this world, he ( a king ) is considered the fourth part of Indra as he protects the people. [3-1-19]

  5. 20

    राजा तस्माद्वरान्भोगान्रम्यान् भुङक्तेलोकनमस्कृतः | ते वयं भवता रक्ष्या भवद्विषयवासिनः | नगरस्थो वनस्थोवा त्वं नो राजा जनेश्वरः || ३-१-२०

    Therefore, he is respected and he enjoys the choicest pleasures of life. Since we are the residents of your territory we deserve to be protected by you. Whether you live in the city or in the forest, you are the lord of the people and our king. [3-1-20]